Where Have We Been?


It has been a while since I have posted any blog posts or videos. You all know how it goes when I don't post anything for a while. Work has kept me busy but I have spent the last two weeks just enjoying time to myself and I have had a few family birthdays as well.

Pixie and Roxy are great, Pixie has recovered from her sickness she had back in July. Unfortunately, Roxy is now not well. She has a lump on her paw which the vet thinks she has a histiocytoma. Something which she is still receiving treatment for.



They are both needing a groom, it has been almost 3-4 months since they were last cut. I cannot wait for them to get groomed, they are so long and bushy. I love it when they get this length but not in this weather. I cannot take them out for a walk when the ground is wet or it is raining because they get really dirty and that is a lot of baths. So when it is dry I make the most of the weather and get them out for a walk. I will hopefully get them both groomed at the end of September start of October. I need to wait until Roxy's paw has healed as well.


They have been doing really well on Lilys Kitchen and they are scoffing every single meal. Fingers crossed it stays that way. We have just been to the Dog Lovers Show in Glasgow which is going to be a different blog post but we had so much fun. We went a little crazy with buying stuff but it is the first time it has come to Glasgow and may not be there next year so we had to make the most of it.


Myself and Jamie have been slowly getting the house painted and we have now moved onto the living room to be decorated. The ceiling is getting skimmed and plastered as I type this. So I am stuck up the stairs with Pixie and Roxy out of the road until it is finished. I hate to think the mess and I am glad I am out the way, I will only get myself stressed out with the mess. Little Benji is staying in the kitchen with the door shut away from the dust.

We have a lot of ideas for the living room and a lot of work needs to be done. We are hoping it will be completed by Christmas. We are going to have a complete colour change and have decided to stay away from grey which was ordinally our plan. We are doing the dining room at the same time as well so it is going to be a big job. I cannot wait for it all to be finished. Bit by bit we are getting there and just taking it a room at a time. I cannot wait to do a video when the house is completed.

Pixie and Roxy have been enjoying time out in the garden when it is not raining. The grass needs cut but we need to wait for it to dry. I need to keep an eye on them as Roxy always picks stuff up and tries to eat things... she is never full!



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