What’s Happening This Month – October 2018


We are two months away from living in a house for a year now and it has flown in. I don't know where the time has gone. It doesn't feel like that long ago we were going through all the stress of moving and buying the house.

October for us is going to be a busy month, we have a lot going on within the house and I can already feel the stress. We decorating the living room and we are not used to making big decisions with colours, the layout and designs of things. We have disagreed on each other's decisions but agreed on others. There is one thing I hate and that is mess and dust and that itself enough to stress me out. I find it really difficult to reclean things and get the living room decorated on my days off. I know that may sound selfish but the shifts that I do can be so full on that you look forward to having your days off, but it can be difficult when stuff is going on around the house and you are having to deal with the mess. I am nightshift next week for 2 weeks so the living room will need to be put on hold because I will be sleeping during the day before my shifts start.


Roxy has the vet this month...again. She has had a lump on the top of her head we have been keeping an eye on. Sadly it has grown and requires attention. We have decided to get her back to the vet and she will probably get a needle sample taken to make sure it is not a nasty lump and then we will probably get it removed depending on what the lump is. I guess time will tell. I just feel it is one thing after another with these ladies and we have had our fair share of ups and downs in the last few months.


Little Misty had a big operation for her liver shunt. She was admitted to the Veterinary Hospital for a few days and was in intensive care for two days. All went well with her operation but it is a long recovery time and she needs to take it easy. Her scar is awful, it goes all the way from her chest to the bottom of her belly. When she came home she was so disorientated and in a lot of pain. She has pain medication to take and antiseizure medicine for a few weeks. She is slowly on the mend with a few weeks to go for her follow up appointment at the hospital.


Overall it is going to be a hectic month and I will be glad when our living room is done. I have two videos to edit but due to being so busy with the living room, work and a few other things it is hard to get them edited and uploaded. I have been taking a lot of pictures of Pixie and Roxy and thought I would finish this blog off with a few of them.


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