Update On Roxy

So yesterday was a day with kitchen roll, flash wipes, disinfectant, and lets not forget the tooshie wipes! I decided to do a blog post for this update due to me not being well, I need to rest my voice.

I slept in the living room with Pixie and Roxy last night, not because Roxy wasn’t well but I have been coughing that much I am keeping Jamie awake and it has been bugging him. I thought it would be better anyway, he can sleep and I can keep an eye on Roxy. She had a very settled night and slept really well and their had been no further accidents in the living room or outside (thank goodness). She has been eating and drinking today herself, although we are still on the chicken and light meals (she is loving it). Poor Pixie was feeling a little left out so she has had a little nibble of chicken today as well.

Roxy was full of energy today and back to her normal self. No further vomiting or runny tummies (so far) she hasn’t really done one but then she hasn’t been eating so there will be nothing there to come out. She managed a little walk in the park today and she has even played a little with Pixie. She is on the mend but we are still taking it easy with the food and not pushing it. What ever she got looks as if it has passed. I honestly have no idea what happened and why she became unwell but I have made the decision that a vet appointment would be a waste of time as she is ok now. If things deteriorate again then I will be making an appointment but as far as I am concerned she is on the road to recovery.

We will keep you all posted on updates.


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