They Are Not Just Dogs

There is no other way to start this blog post but saying they are not just dogs. The number of times I have people saying to me 'for goodness sake Claire they are just dogs' and use the word 'it'. To start off with yes they are a dog and they have names. Some people just can't understand why I do what I do and how I am so attached to Pixie and Roxy. Unless they have a dog or have had a dog then they will never know. They are not just a dog, no matter how long they are in your life they are a part of your family. They have feelings just like we do, they have down days, they have good days and they also get angry something we feel every single day of our life.

I keep saying how much I love Pixie and Roxy and as much as I say it no one will actually know just how much, there are no words to describe it. It's just this feeling, and it grows stronger every single day.

I do what I do with blog posts and vlogs because I want to make memories, something I can look back on years down the line. I know they will not be in my life forever and that kills me to even think about just know but this is why I make these memories so that I have something forever.


Pixie had a what I would like to say a near-death experience that gave us both a fright. That for me just showed me how much I care and was an eye opener for what could have been. Pixie had choked on a biscuit and if it wasn't for Jamie stepping in when he did then Pixie would not be here today. First of all, I should say that she is absolutely fine and probably just has an irritated throat. As for me and Jamie, we are a little traumatised. Jamie had given them a biscuit something we always do prior to going to bed and have done since we brought them home from puppies. These biscuits they have had many times before but for some reason Pixie struggled to swallow this one, we don't know the reason why but I suppose it can happen at any time. Jamie thought she was taking reverse sneezing but when he realised she was choking he acted quickly. Her body was pulsing, she was gasping for air and her eyes were just about popping out her head. Jamie managed to successfully stop her from choking and going into distress which to be fair could have left her to stop breathing. He sat with her for some time to make sure she was alright, she had a fright and you could tell. I am glad he sat with her and of course managed to save her from the worst.


So where was I? Somewhere I didn't really want to be when something like this had happened... in work!  I found out by text message after it had happened because I was working. I didn't check my phone till later on at night and Jamie was now in bed sleeping. So you can imagine what I must have been like. I couldn't get onto the web camera quick enough to see what she was doing and just check on her. I actually zoomed right in to see if she was breathing.

I couldn't get home quick enough in the morning when I finished. She was absolutely fine when I got home she just wouldn't bark when I walked through the door like what she usually does. She just sat there shaking with excitement. I picked her up and just held her and that is all she wanted. I then sorted a few things out before going up to bed for a few hours sleep, and of course, had Pixie and Roxy in with me.


I keep going over and over in my head what if? She is so lucky Jamie managed to stop her from choking but what if he didn't and the worst happened. It's not even worth thinking about.


So with all that being said to me, they are my family, my friend and my most absolute life! They are not just a dog.



  1. Shawna Erxleben on 3rd June 2018 at 8:42 pm

    No they are not just a dog! My baby was 5 years old when diagnosed with cancer it quickly took her awar from me. She was there for me when I had almost stage 4 breast and lymph node cancer she got me through and the fact I couldnt do anything but watch her gowas devastating.. I love and miss my baby Butterbean so much snd will never forget how she was there for me when I needed her most.

    • A Shih Tzu Life on 3rd June 2018 at 9:10 pm

      I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine what you have been through. The love you had between you two sounds so strong.

  2. Martha on 4th June 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Definitely NOT just a dog…Most literature on Shih-tzu’s describes thought processes and reasoning/problem solving skills on par with most humans, and most of them even seem to think they ARE people. 😛
    For us, our little man is our baby boy, and I know exactly how you feel. We nearly lost him a few weeks ago too.
    He has a cat-sister, who brought home a ‘toy’ she thought would be really fun…An adder. No joke.
    I didn’t see what she had before it was too late. He’d run over to her to see what she was playing with, and that was it. All I saw was him leaping backward, then running around rubbing his face on the grass. I looked around the side of the picnic table to see what she had and my heart pretty much stopped. We scooped him up and rushed him to the emergency, where he stayed for a couple of days, losing his left eye, (which also probably saved his life, as the venom became trapped in the eyeball) We monitored him, on pins and needles for two weeks afterward for organ or heart failure due to the venom, and are still watching him closely for any strangeness… He seems to be fine, and I think we’re far more traumatised b the whole thing, but it was so close. The level of love for him is indescribable, and I can’t imagine loving a child of my own flesh any more that I do his fluffy little butt. The thought of ‘what if’ is definitely the most horrible.

    I’m so glad your little Pixie is okay, and I wish you both loads of snuggles and many more years of pictures. <3

    • A Shih Tzu Life on 20th June 2018 at 4:37 pm

      Oh my goodness!! What an experience, I cannot imagine what that must of felt like. my story is nothing compared to some out there. I am glad he is doing well.

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