Surviving The Beast From The East


It has been a while since we had the Beast From The East come to take over our life, I am glad to say it has gone now. I remember when it started I was in work on a office day and watched the snow fall outside the window. I kept thinking to myself when is this going to stop?....... Well it never. As work went on, the snow fell faster and thicker than ever, we all worried about how we get home from our shift in 9 hours time. People stayed overnight because they couldn't get home, people worked a double shift because others couldn't get in to do their shift and someone had to look after our residents. Staff slept in empty beds. I however managed to make it home......just and no more. I had never seen anything like it in my life it was up to my knees.


The snow didn't stop there, it carried on for the rest of the night and fell just has much as it did during the day. When I woke up for work the next day I attempted to make it into work, I don't drive so I always get taxis or a lift if I could. I couldn't get any. Jamie's car was stuck in the driveway and taxis were off the road, I found that out after waiting on hold for about half an hour. I called work to let them know I wouldn't be in but I felt so guilty and sick because I was well enough and it was this stupid snow that stopped me from walking into work. With a red weather warning, snow up to past my thighs, -4 degrees and not being sure on the route would I risk my life? I decided to stay safe but it didn't make me feel any better.

Jamie had the day off of work anyway because we were suppose to get our heating changed over to pay monthly which didn't happen either due to the snow and we ran out gas right down so we didn't loose our credit. So we had no heating or hot water and we were stuck in the snow. Safe to say it was a long day.


The snow continued to fall on and off all day. Pixie and Roxy loved it, well it took a while for Pixie to get used to it but I couldn't get Roxy back in. It was 17 inches deep the most we have ever had. We almost lost them in the garden because the snow was higher than there backs. The had so much fun in it though. I had to be careful of Roxy's back and her joints so trying to get her in was fun. What wasn't fun was washing and melting the snowballs off their hair 4 times a day! Thank goodness we have an electric shower and didn't need gas.


The next day I again attempted to get into work for my last day but failed again. Nothing had really melted so another call went in and another day at home. We tried several times later in the day to dig Jamies car out and eventually got their at 5pm. Jamie managed to get out for gas with struggles of getting out our street. Finally we had heating and a warm bubble bath something I had been waiting for. The girls loved the snow and probably didn't see anything negative about it. Me on the other had thought I would never see ground again! Shops had nothing, no bread, no milk, no nothing. Even over the weekend when it had thawed everyone was restricted to a loaf of bread and milk. Thats even if there was any, it was like a stampede in the shops.


I am glad Pixie and Roxy had fun and I am glad it is all over and I hope we never had anything like that again but makes you see that people do go through things like this all the time. I got some nice pictures of Pixie and Roxy in the snow so I was happy with that.

I hope I don't see snow again......I got a bit sick of it.


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