Roxy Got Attacked By Another Dog!!

So today I decided to take Pixie and Roxy to the park for a walk instead of taking them out the back door. I could of done with the walk myself, I hadn’t been feeling great at all today. Roxy on the other hand was having a bad day too and had 3ml of codeine not long before for her back. It was time to take them out to the toilet when I decided to take them to the park as they tend to do everything instead of wasting time out the back garden as there is two many distractions.

We walked once round the park and Roxy decided to poop. I was so busy watching her that out of the blue this little black dog ran over so fast (like a bullet) and pounded right into Roxy’s side. Roxy let out a big squeal and ran to my feet. Meanwhile I looked to see where the dog was and it just ran away to the other side of the park like nothing had just happened. Pixie was barking like mad probably being protective and telling it where to go. I on the other hand was looking for the owners who hadn’t seen a thing and didn’t really care. A few choice words were shouted across the park and I bent down to see Roxy and check her over while they were looking but none of them cared and just turned away watching there dog run ragged round the park. I gave them the evil eyes as I walked away. I would of loved to of went up to speak to them but Roxy had just been mowed down and Pixie was still giving the dog what for.

I got such a fright, I was shaking with anger, trying to get to grips with what happened in my head and watching Roxy at the same time making sure she was ok. She never got bitten thank goodness. Just a big head butt in her side/hip area but she is fine just a bit shook up. As I walked home I could feel all my emotions take over and I had a little cry. I think just because the way I was feeling all day, Roxy was already sore from her back caused by the condition she has and she had just been pounded on the side. What else can happen to her and why her? She can’t catch a break. Now as I type this she still groans and I cannot give her anything else. She has just had her metacam so hopefully that kicks in and starts working. I feel so sorry for her she has no luck what so ever.


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  1. Mia Peterson on 30th September 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Oh my God… that is terrible… How is Roxy feeling now ????
    Your whole Family is in my Prayers !!!
    Love to ALL,
    Mia the Shih Tzu & Family

    • A Shih Tzu Life on 30th September 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Thank you. She seems to be ok today. Although she vomited this morning, she is just a poor soul and she can’t catch a break just now it is one thing after another.

  2. debbie byington on 30th September 2017 at 3:08 pm

    i hope you called you r vet to have her checked out there could be internal damage even if you dont see a bite on her

  3. Ann Viola on 30th September 2017 at 4:38 pm

    I hope Roxy is o.k…..I hate when people let their dogs run loose…..and they say he’s friendly, he won’t bite …My reply to that is “He has teeth doesn’t he?” Give Roxy a hug and kiss from my baby, Annie, from the Jersey Shore…………..hope weekend is better for both you and Roxy………….

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