Pixie And Roxy Take A Trip To Get Dental Treatment

Yesterday Pixie and Roxy went for a scale and polish something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. As part of the New Year I wanted to brush there teeth more but the damage had already been done. I questioned the vet last week about this treatment for the girls, I would need to get this treatment to start of fresh with teeth cleaning. I was lucky to get it at such a reasonable price.

They went into the vet at 9am and I called for an update about 1pm but they hadn’t been done yet and I was told they would be done within the next hour. Just over an hour had passed and I could go and pick them up at 3:30pm and it couldn’t come quick enough.

I was glad to get them home Roxy was more alert than Pixie which makes me think that Pixie was the last one to get done. She still had her cannula in when I arrived. She looked pretty much out of the game. Roxy on the other hand was rather delighted to see but but hid from the vet man. Guess none of them are speaking to him now. All they done when we got home was slept and ate some chicken. I have never seen them sleep so much. Roxy just sat staring into space and Pixie was out for the count. I took them into the bedroom for a snuggled and they didn’t move all night until Jamie came through to put them into bed. Pixie actually growled when he lifted her up to put her in the living room (she must have been too comfy).

Today they are more alert but still tired. They have finished off the chicken for breakfast and had some dry kibble at lunch time. I wanted to see what they were like crunching and they scoffed it so I gave them a little handful at lunch time for a snack. Pixie has played with her toys a few times today but has slept in between. They have been so gassy probably to do with the chicken but oh my goodness it stinks.

I don’t know where the time went today but before I knew it was dinner time. I was too busy watching movies I guess. Pixie and Roxy scoffed there dinner I am glad I have them back on normal food. After dinner they slept for some time while I relaxed in a bath before my three 12 hour shifts I have ahead of me. Now it is time to relax and snuggle up in bed and watch Kung Fu Panda 3.

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