Our Weekend Of Fun!

IMG_3911We started the weekend of fun with a great walk in our park, which is only across the road. It is a decent size park with such a lovely fountain in the middle of it. There is lots of dogs that go here and Pixie & Roxy have made a good few friends. We walk round once and then sit on a bench in the middle overlooking the fountain for 10 minutes and I give them a few small treats, we like to sit and just take in the fresh air and listen to the running water. This is a routine they are used to, as soon as they see the bench Pixie is on it and waiting for me to reach into my pocket for a treat. Once they get these we head off for another once or twice around the park. Over all we can spend a good hour or more at the park, and they love it.

IMG_3938                                               IMG_3940

I did have a vet appointment for Pixie as we thought her anal glands needed emptied (disgusting I know) she has been suffering from a bad smell for a while but since trimming her bottom hair it has seemed to resolve it’s self, so I cancelled it. I definitely don’t want to put her through that experience if she doesn’t really need it. She must of herd me make the appointment and thought no chance!

As it is almost the start of June this is the time I stock up on their food and Pets At Home had 2 bags for £14 of James Wellbeloved and the offer was running out in just a few days so I stocked up. We ended up with 4 bags which will last them the month. They do enjoy the Turkey for breakfast and the duck for dinner. I also had to purchase a new blanket because I pulled the old one out of there bed and someone (Roxy) had been munching on it and got the stuffing out of it, so it went straight in the bin. The store also has The Groom Room we take them to so I made their appointment to get a summer cut mid June. When I was paying at the checkout I seen some bandanas that you get for free if you sign up to their VIP membership, though I already have a VIP membership which I mentioned to the woman and she kindly said I could take one, but I asked if I could take two as I have two dogs, she didn’t have a problem with this so off I went and picked the last two pink ones. I can’t wait to get them groomed and put these on!

IMG_3915I also bought two bags of treats that were new to the store, it was an introductory offer so I thought why not. I will be writing a review on these so keep an eye on our Whats Inside Our Treat Box section.



They got a big treat when I produced a Pupbake, this is just a dog cupcake. I had two but I thought I would half one and save the second one for another time. Again I have written a review on this and you can see it in the Whats Inside section. We also made a video for youtube of them enjoying it. Watch it here:

Our usual routine at night is just to chill out whether it be watching a movie, working on my macbook and editing posts, making youtube videos & playing with Pixie and Roxy. They usually calm down at this time and just sleep and chill out, they have some outbursts of energy but mostly they enjoy there snuggles, and just fall asleep on us.



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