On The Road To Recovery

It has been a week since Roxy became unwell. I am glad to say that after four days on antibiotics she is making some kind of recovery. She is not out of the woods yet but we are taking every day as it comes.


I spent the last four days syringing water into her and trying to get her to eat light meals. I was glad I had my days off from work to help her. As each day went on she looks like she is getting stronger and more excited to see me (thank goodness). It was a bit of a nightmare to get her to eat and drink water. I had to hand feed her the chicken, I think she was at it and thought if she wasn’t well then she could get the royal treatment. The main thing was she was eating and thats all that mattered. The more she ate and drank the better recovery she would have.


I thought to myself today (Tuesday) that I should really think about bathing Roxy. It has been four days since she was really unwell and I had been using the tushiewipes we got from Pets at Home. Her face and back end was really smelly from being sick and having an upset stomach. I took my time bathing her massaging her body with the shampoo, she loved it and was really relaxed. It was then I decided to put the plug in and fill up the tub with warm water and let her have a little soak (this was the first time I had ever done this). She had the proper treatment today. She looked so relaxed and calm (I think she needed it). I washed all the shampoo off and just let her stand for a while and I could tell she loved it her face said it all. I splashed water onto her back before getting her out the bath and drying her. She was treated like a Queen today.

The sun was shining today and I decided to take Pixie and Roxy a walk in the park we stay next to. It was a lovely fresh walk. I think it was just what Roxy needed. Sometimes when your not well all you need is a little fresh air and Roxy got that today. She looked so much happier in herself and I am glad she is on the road to recovery. She still has a little while to go I think before she is fully back to normal but we are heading in the right direction.



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