No More Tear Stains


Roxy has had tear stains for the most of her life. We have been trying to clear them for a long time. We have tried numerous products to try and clear them and it wasnt until we started Lily's Kitchen a few years ago they started to stop, when they went off that we moved onto AATU and the stains came back. Since then we have been back onto Lily's Kitchen and again the stains have dissapeared. Every 3-4 months I get the groomed and their faces cut short. Each time the stains reduce the more she gets cut and now finally after so many years the stains are completely gone. Not even one stain at the corner of her eyes. I cannot believe it, I thought I would share some pictures of her stains before now.

I dont use any facial products on her face anymore just a grain free diet. Pixie has had her fair share of stains aswell but she has had a white face for some time. She hasn't has as much bother as Roxy had.

I wonder why, why now? Is it something she has grown out of or was it the level of protein in her diet? They are no longer on Lily's Kitchen but we have kept to a low protein diet. I have no idea why they have cleared now but her face looks so much better.


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