Making Memories

For those following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you will already know about my dilemma, a few days ago I lost all my memories, photos, videos and basically everything with Pixie and Roxy on my hard drive. Everything I have worked for gone just like that. I am still devastated that I have lost every single bow picture of them before I got them cut (the main reason for putting them all in before they got the chop). It was such a big decision for me to do that in the first place and I had to make sure I had all these bows in and pictures for memories and future uploads onto social media for Autumn, Halloween and Christmas time. Myself and my mum worked so hard that day and everything was perfect, but all is gone as well as puppy pictures. You can imagine how upset I must have been to lose everything. When posting pictures, blogging and vlogging is what I do in my spare time other than having my full time job is just a kick in the teeth. Those memories meant the absolute world to me. Jamie sat up all night until 3am trying to fix it for me (he knew how much it meant to me) but he couldn’t get them back. I just had to accept the fact that I had to start over again and make new memories.


Making New Memories

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It had been a long night and I hadn’t got much sleep. We decided to go out for the day and go to our favourite place, Troon Beach. The sun was shining and I just felt like I needed to go out a walk and get some fresh air and try and forget about the previous night. Pixie and Roxy needed a good long walk so we got everything together not forgetting my new camera and off we went.

I am still having issues with Roxy seeing other dogs so we had the training lead with us, Pixie had the extendable lead she behaves herself. I usually have the training lead attachedIMG_0858 to the collar and the harness to give me total control and with going to a beach I knew we could of been facing a lot of dogs. Surprisingly it was peaceful, there wasn’t many dogs about at all. I could tell Pixie and Roxy were excited looking at their little faces said it all seeing the sea and feeling the sand between their paws. Jamie decided it was time to let Pixie off the lead as she is really good with recall and walking beside you, she does have a wandering eye sometimes but all dogs do, they love to explore new smells. I just make sure I have something tasty in my pocket for them to come back to. I was planning on having Roxy walk with me for a little bit before decided if I was going to let her off leash (something I very rarely do because of the way she behaves with other dogs). She likes IMG_3033to have selective hearing and ignores you when there is something more interesting in site. Something we are still working on, but we have to let her off to make her learn. I turned my back for two seconds and all of a sudden she whizzed by me off the leash. Jamie had just decided to take her off, there was no dogs around and he thought well why not? Her reaction was 1so funny it was like she was running past me shouting “freedom!”. She was going crazy, darting about in the sand and before we knew it she was in the water (and she hates the water, usually when we try to put her in she runs straight back out) she must of thought to herself Claire and Jamie are not throwing me in, I can go in all by myself. It was just a little puddle of sea water she went in, it wasn’t even the actual sea. I thought to myself there is no chanceIMG_3034 she would go in the actual sea she never does. She proved me wrong before I knew it she was in and didn’t even care. I think she was just so excited that she didn’t have a lead on and she could run as fast and far as she wanted. I love seeing them so happy and she had the biggest smile on her face. They ran for ages, I don’t know where they got their energy from I wish I had some of it. Me and Jamie were so tired from the few hours sleep we had. Roxy done well off the lead but as I suspected there was a few dogs in our site and we would put her back on the lead when they got nearIMG_0832. Once she sees a dog and she’s off lead she is off and just wants to play with the other dogs, but the other dogs might not want to, she thinks nipping is playing but I am just waiting for her to do that to a dog and the other dog nips back, so for just now we put her back on when one comes near and let her back off again once it is out of distance. Pixie loves to explore and was smelling everything she could get her nose into, she loves the water and went into the water to cool down a few times. I caught her pawing the sand at one point she must have found something interesting. I make sure I took some pictures and some videos as I am still learning things about my new camera, so we tried different effects and took video clips for one of our videos for IMG_3046youtube. Unfortunately it was too windy so I couldn’t really speak through it, you wouldn’t of heard a thing I was saying. Pixie and Roxy had so much energy but slowed down eventually and we decided to head back, they were tired, covered in sand and drenched in salt water but they had fun and that is all I wanted. We decided on the way back that we would head into our favoIMG_3029urite pet shop Pooch Pantry. I love how they sell different products you wouldn’t see in our local pet shops, they always have new things in. With it being such a hot day we thought Pixie and Roxy would like some doggy ice-cream. I said to Jamie before going in that we got a box of goodies the day before so we didn’t need anything else. I was going in for doggy ice-cream and that was it. Did we come out with just that? No! We spent a while in the shop chatting to the owner and that gave Jamie time to look about (it is usually the other way about). We left with the ice-cream, a Green & Wilds chew root, poop bags and a bag of treats. Its just one of those things you can’t walk into a shop that does all these great things you never see and walk out with one thing. Pixie and Roxy enjoyed there Billy and Margot Honey and Banana Ice Cream it was nice and cool on such a hot day. It was getting hotter as the afternoon went on and we decided to call it a day.


IMG_3042I felt a little happier after having a walk and seeing Pixie and Roxy have some fun. I thought to myself, lets not think about the memories I have lost, but think about the memories we are going to make in the future and start again. Oh and remember to backup your backups!




Watch what they got up to here:

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