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We love Lily’s Kitchen and thought we would review these yummy treats and let you know how good they are. Lily’s Kitchen is the top brand and the UK (well I think anyway).

These treats have been out for a few months. The tin came out first a couple of months ago now, these delicious little cod treats are for Captain’s best mate and comes in a pocket-sized reusable tin. The tin has 34g of yummy treats inside. They are the cutest little treats I have ever seen with a heart shape, they are the perfect size and not too big.


The yummy little hearts only contain one ingredient – 100% Icelandic Cod and are completely natural.


Crude protein 86.5%

Crude fats & oils 0.8%

Crude fibre 0%

Crude ash 5.4%

I have a mixed review on these. As much as Pixie and Roxy love these tasty treats. I find them a little expensive. It costs £5.95 for a 34g tin, the tin is smaller than my hand. You can feed up to 5 treats a day. I have two dogs so thats 10 treats a day for 7 days is 70 treats, my tin would be finished in a few days. I don’t really feed them that much they get one every so often but if they really loved them they would run out rather quickly. I just think it is a lot of money for the amount there is. The tin is a lovely design, but the lid is very easily opened and if it was in your pocket and the lid opens then you could end up with a fishy mess. I don’t like fish at the best of times but to have a fishy pocket is not what I would want.

Time went by and people were asking for refill packets to fill up there little tins. Lily’s Kitchen took everyones thoughts into consideration and finally brought out a refill pack, but the refill each was just as expensive as the tin. At £5.49 you got 50g of treats which to me is still expensive. You get less in the tin but pay more for buying the tin. Something told me it was better to use my own tin and just get a refill pack and fill up my own little tin.

They are tasty (not that I have tried them) Pixie and Roxy obviously love them so I bought the refill bag but I wouldn’t rush to buy these again in a hurry. I think they are a great treat but they are expensive. You pay for what you get and Lily’s Kitchen is the best so if you have to pay a little extra then some people will do it. I will go out my way and spend a lot of money on there food from them but I draw the line at expensive treats.

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