Lily’s Kitchen New Wet Food Review


I was excited to try these new tins of wet meat from Lily’s Kitchen. Not only are these tins bright and colourful they is 400g of tasty, healthy meat inside. Once opened we store the tin in the fridge and it can last two days. Pixie and Roxy loved these tins but unfortunately had to get a little more in their meal to use it up in the two days. I usually only give them a teaspoonful a meal and they get fed twice a day so when I usually use a small 150g tray it lasts us for a day and a half. With these big tins I have to feed more wet meat than dry food, or it gets wasted as it goes past the two days and ends up in the bin. It would be great if they can come out with the 150g trays of these flavours as well as the 400g tins. I very rarely buy these big tins because of this issue. Lets take a look at some of the ingredients in these tasty tins:

Surf & Turf

The Surf & Turf  is a great summer recipe with a touch of the seaside. This sea breeze tin contains tasty salmon with juicy prawns, tender beef and colourful green vegetables. This recipe has no rendered meat or derivatives. What is best of all it contains organic ingredients like potato, peas, asparagus and spinach. Sounds tasty and Pixie and Roxy love it.

Wholesome Veggie Feast

The Wholesome Veggie Feast is a great way to get vegetables into your dogs diet, packed with proteins such as cottage cheese, egg, lentils and amaranth. Full of bright vegetables such as pumpkin, broccoli, beans, chickpeas and apples. This recipe has no rendered meat or derivatives. This tin was Pixie and Roxy’s least favourite and I can only take one guess why, it has no meat in it. I would say most of this tin was wasted than eaten, but it was still good to try.

Sunday Lunch

The Sunday Lunch is a delicious recipe for that end of the week Sunday feeling. Containing chicken and fresh vegetables including sugar snap peas, carrots and spinach bursting with juicy apple. This recipe has no rendered meat or derivatives. This was Pixie and Roxy’s favourite, they do love their chicken and I love that it is bursting with healthy goods.

Final Thoughts

Over all these tins were good to try although I wouldn’t buy 400g all the time because they only get a little meat with their dry food and I don’t want to add extra just to use a tin and make them think they are getting more meat all the time. At around £2.49 a tin I think I would waste more because of that reason. As I said above I loved trying these new tins and maybe sometime in the future I will buy one of these tins again but for now I am sticking to the smaller trays. Pixie and Roxy love trying new flavours and enjoyed these new tasty tins.

Why don’t you take a look at Lily’s Kitchen and see if your pooch will enjoy any goodies Lily’s Kitchen has to offer, we love it. Just head to 

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