It Has Been A Big Year!


The year of 2015 is at an end and a lot has happened within year.

I think one of the biggest decisions I have made for Pixie and Roxy this year is growing them into full show coat. Although I cannot show Pixie and Roxy I love the long flowing coat. Part of me wishes I could show them, but unfortunately I can’t.

They have grown so much since June. We have lasted 6 months without going to the groomers and have self taught myself from other Shih Tzu owners from youtube and looking for tips online. I am not a professional groomer and don’t intend to be. I have researched good products to use and peoples reviews as guidance and with that I have managed to groom them to the best of my ability. Could I do better? I probably could but I am learning every time I groom. I usually take them to the groomers every 3 months so around now would be their second time getting groomed. I am surprised I have lasted this long, I think it is because I have good quality products and dedication that I have lasted this long. We will see what the next 6 months bring.

SAA_2476 SAA_2593

The second biggest thing that we have changed this year is the food. We made a decision to go to Lilys Kitchen, and even use 1 spoonful of wet meat in the food so they get the daily amount, now that is a big change for me as I was always against wet meat. It was a bit of a rocky start before adding the wet meat into it, they went off it, never ate a thing I even changed brand again and it was the worse thing I could of done. So with that we went back to Lilys Kitchen and decided to use 1 spoonful of wet meat in the dry kibble for each meal and they love it. I have never seen them eat so well since they were puppies. I love this brand, it is very healthy and natural and even the wet meat trays look very healthy theres no gravy or sauce it is a very dry meat.

I am hoping that 2016 is going to be a year of happiness and health, I hope there is going to be less vet visits and Pixie and Roxy are going to be a little more behaved. This time next year I wonder how long Pixie and Roxys hair is going to be, am I going to be able to cope with it? Or are they going to cope with it? I cannot wait to see what they will look like.

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