Grooming Update


Grooming Update!

Pixie and Roxy have been getting on really well on the grooming table and they are getting better every time. They are still getting used to lying on their side we are still working on this. Pixie sits perfectly to get her top knot in but still refuses to lie on her side. Roxy is able to lie on her side (when she wants to) and is learning to lie still when getting her top knot in. We are bathing every 2 weeks at the moment, any longer and their hair is discoloured and dirty looking. I aim for a Sunday (Doggy Spa Sunday). The Chris Christensen Shampoo and Conditioner Spectrum 10 is really good, I am pleased with the results and we will continue to use this product. Mats are easily managed with the Chris Christensen Just Devine Coat Spray and is a light detangler, this works wonders on their coat. I cannot believe how well the spray helps with the mats. We still have mats but they are easily managed. There hair is getting so long and we are managing to get a top knot in with a bow and use the lock in technique.

IMG_6863    IMG_6847

I continue to make dog bows, but the bows in these pictures are from Cynthia Dog Bows we got these when Pixie was a puppy and I am so happy we can now use them again. We are making another order soon. Last month I made an order from a site called and I am super excited to receive this order hopefully will get it before Christmas, they do have a long wait time.

We continue with our grooming routine as much as possible, it is a little difficult with myself working a lot of 12 hour shifts this month but we are doing a good job so far.

Stay with us for future updates.

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