Getting Ready For The Winter

So it is that time of year were we need to prepare for the winter. The nights are getting darker, the sun hides and the rain comes. We all hate the rain, there is nothing worse than going out and coming home in soggy wet clothes. Even worse, two soggy wet dogs. 

For those dog owners who have short haired dogs you are lucky! Having two Shih Tzus in a longer coat in this weather is a bit of a nightmare, and for all you Shih Tzu and long coated breed owners would probably agree it is tough! Drying, brushing, detangling it is alot of hard work.

I love Pixie and Roxy in a longer coat all fluffy and full but in this season it is not possible and with the job I do, I would struggle to keep them well groomed, which is why I decided to get them cut. The shorther the better as it is less to maintain (I would say I am taking the easy way out) and the cleaner they will be when out in the rain and dirt. 

Today was groom day and we decided to get the usual cut but going a little shorter in the face. I feel that the longer the beard and the tash is it gets very knotted after dinner when they rub their face on the floor and very sticky at times. I decided to get it shorter this time which is a little more off than normal. I was nervous as I did not know what to expect but when I brought them home and had a good look I really like how short their faces are. 

With their winter coats, jumpers and short hair we are ready for the winter. I have booked them in again for a Christmas cut in December so they are all pampered for Christmas. The groomers we go to do such an amazing job. 

Here are some snaps of their cut. 

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