Exciting News!



We have some exciting news to share!

Some of you may not find this exciting but to me it is.

It has been a year and we have decided that after getting Pixie and Roxy cut short and the mugging of Roxy’s moustache that there will be no return to the groomers, and I mean any groomers.

I have decided to grow their coats back to full length. We never really got there when they were puppies, they only got to half coat and I got them cut. The reason for this is life was very busy and they were matting really bad no matter how I groomed them and the amount of times I groomed them. I will admit I gave up, I didn’t keep at it and continued to master grooming. I took the easy option out.


They had the perfect hair to have full coats but it was just too much to manage and they were not tolerating the brushing. Pixie had the perfect top knots and would let me put her hair up with no problems but when it came to the mats it was a different story. Roxy on the other hand hates top knots but had the perfect coat hardly any mats and a lovely thick smooth coat. She just hated getting brushed.



After the mugging incident I thought to myself why do I put them through getting cut when they cut them the wrong way and just ignore your requests? This made me think, they are older now they have got used to me brushing them although they have short hair so there is no mats to detangle so of coarse they tolerate it. I finally decided it was time to give it a go and grow them back to long, I have researched about grooming, detangling and brushes/combs online and I thought I would give it a go.

So instead of grooming them on the couch I bought a puppy crate mat and sat them on the table at my height and since then they have been perfect and getting groomed I cannot believe how well behaved they are. It has only been a week of grooming them twice a day and Pixie already knows when the mat comes out it’s groom time and she hops onto the couch, onto my knee, onto the mat and lies down. There is no nipping at me when I get to the tail and the back legs. It is still a working progress and she keeps getting up to sit instead of lying down and we are still trying to master her to lie on her side but she lies on her stomach for now which isn’t bad for 1 week of grooming. Roxy is still a little shaky on the mat but we are getting there. She hasn’t learned lie down yet but when she goes onto the mat she immediately lies down so hopefully with this we can teach her when she isn’t on the mat.

I know we have a long journey ahead to get them back to half/full coat but this time I am prepared I have new combs and I am going to order new slicker brushes and pin brushes, not just Pets At Home’s own brand, but Chris Christensen! All products are going to be Chris Christensen, I have done my research and this brand has good reviews. With the new grooming brushes comes new shampoo, I thought the Chris Christensen Spectrum Ten would be good so I am going to order the small bottle of shampoo and conditioner to try, along with their Just Devine Brush Spray which is a light detangler. Oh and last but not least the white on white (they do little sample packs for around £10), I thought I would try this on their moustaches, well Pixies at least until Roxys grows back.

This is going to be a big order but I am rather excited about it all and cannot wait to place my order. Of course I will be doing a review of the products I buy so I look forward to writing about it or maybe even a video.



tumblr_nf50gqPL021tohivgo1_1280                  tumblr_nf30kyES1U1tohivgo1_500

They only have just over an inch of hair just now but within 3 months they will have another 2 inches on top of that. It is going to be a slow progress but by Christmas they will have a good length on their coat and we can get the perfect top knots and bows back in!!!


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