A Day At Castle Semple

Today I got a phone call from my mum to see if I wanted to go to Castle Semple with Misty for a walk. Although it was my last day off and I usually use this day to relax before starting back to work I decided to go. It was a very clammy day no breeze and was hotter than we thought. It wasn’t even sunny when we left.

We picked up some lunch on our way and had a picnic in the car before taking Pixie, Roxy and Misty a walk. We decided to take the cycle track route as it was the cleanest option, but that meant that we had the risk of meeting other dogs in a tight space. Of course this happened and the dogs went crazy. I am still working on training methods to stop all the crazy barking and wanting to pounce with excitement on another dog. It wasn’t exactly a stress free walk between that and a million wasps chasing and buzzing around us.


We headed to our favourite spot where they have carved wooden seats I really wanted to try and get a picture of Pixie and Roxy on these, but they started panting before they got there. I had visions of turning around but we made it. It was very difficult trying to get some good pictures of them as they were too hot and they looked uncomfortable. We managed to get a few pictures and made our way back to the car. I love the effects setting on my camera which takes several shots in the one click and adds filters and zooms in on parts. Black and white is my favourite as you can probably tell.








We thought we would take another route back to the car and thought the ground would of been dry. What a mistake!! Between jumping through the puddles and running through them to get away from the wasps Pixie, Roxy and Misty got a “little” dirty. Something I didn’t really want to happen but it couldn’t of been helped. We gave them all a bowl of water and jumped back into the car and drove home.

Thankfully my mum came up and we managed to bath all three of them. I washed them and my mum dried them one after the other. We managed to get the three of them bathed and blowdried in under an hour (which is a first). Pixie and Misty snuggled up for a cuddle and Roxy just sat in the corner of the living room in a huff. I think we all needed to destress and relax a little after getting chased by wasps and melted by the sun.



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