A Trip To Luss

I decided to take a trip to Luss today with Pixie, Roxy, my mum and Misty to enjoy this sunny weather before it turns to rain. Now that I am on holiday I can enjoy some nice walks with Pixie and Roxy while the weather is good. Not only did we go for a walk, I wanted to go t0 theimg_3396 little shop to buy the Billy and Margot Strawberry mini bones for Pixies birthday. I always prefer buying treats from shops in a different location. When I walk into Pets At Home it is always the same and doesn’t change. When you go into a shop not in your area like Pooch Pantry in Troon or the shop in Luss (sorry I can’t remember the name of it) they always have brands you haven’t herd of before or ones you can’t get in Pets At Home. So off we went for these important treats and lets not forget the walk.


When we arrived it wasn’t too busy just a few tourist coaches and the usual cars. We set off on our walk, it was dry but very cloudy and lets not forget cold. Pixie and Roxy were a nightmare walking. I decided to use the harnesses and the short leads and leave the extendable leads at home (they are very chunky to hold). img_3406They are not used to this at all and well lets just say Pixie did not like it at all. She didn’t want to walk and kept stopping. She is just too used to extending and getting ahead of me and she still tried every now and then to run ahead (and take me with her) but eventually I got her walking normally. I did end up having to take the harness off otherwise we would of been there all day.

We took out time walking around enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. The shop we went to was joined to a coffee shop, a very elegant little shop. The good thing about the shop is that you can take your dogs in with you, not many stores let you do that and I would never leave my dogs ouroxy-fixedtside unattended tied to a post. The shop do lots of home baked treats as well as Billy and Margot bones and popcorn. I have recently bought popcorn so didn’t bother with getting anymore. Unfortunately they never had the Billy and Margot Strawberry Bones which was disappointing as that was one of the reasons we went all the way to Luss. We did have a look at some other treats which looked really tasty it was a biscuit with coconut in them, they had a variety of img_3402flavours and they looked really tasty, they were small bags and not a lot in them but they were £3.50! So expensive but we like to try new treats. I had a look on the back of the packet and it was out of date by a week. I thought to myself it will just be the one packet but when I checked all 40 bags of the variety of flavours they were all dated best before 3rd October 2016. I took the packet to the desk and asked the lady if she had any in the back that was in date. She couldn’t believe they were out of date as she had only just got them in. She said to me that she would need to reduce them to get rid of them and then carried on to ask me what one it was I wanted. I paused and thought is she really going to sell me out of date treats for my dogs? Yes she was. I told her well it was the coconut ones but I wouldn’t by them if they were reduced as they are out of date by just over a week and my dogs have really sensitive stomachs. I felt I was a little check in my reply but I just couldn’t believe she was asking me that question. I left the shop with some Roast Turkey squares. I just wanted something small to put into Pixies birthday present.


We continued our walk passing by a lot of tourists and they couldn’t get enough of Pixie, Roxy and Misty, people were walking by taking pictures, asking to touch them it was like they were celebrities all we needed was a red carpet. They got a lot of attention .



After Luss we decided to go to Loch Lomond Shores just for another walk. There was one shop that had a very small amount of dog toys and coats and we could take the dogs into the store with us. It was more a camping, hiking clothes shop but they did have some dog stuff, a lot less than what I seen the last time I visited. All the shops are very expensive and are more designer brands than anything else, so we ended up doing some window shopping. Pixie did try and get some toys and gave me the big puppy eyes but I stayed strong and said no. After all they have had a lot of treats this month.


After spending all day out we headed home, we were all tired and Pixie, Roxy and Misty slept all the way home in the car. We had a lovely walk it was just a shame we couldn’t get what we were looking for.

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