A Trip To Largs

It has been some time since I have taken a trip to Largs. It is one of my favourite places to go with Pixie and Roxy. The only thing different from our last visit was the temperature. I think the last time I went was the summertime with my mum and Misty. It was a lot colder this time with it being the winter time. I was well organised I had Pixie and Roxy’s jumpers and coats looked out, water bowls, treats and even the stroller was taken down from the loft. It has been some time since we went on a long walk and I did not want to put Roxy under stress with her back so the stroller got looked out so she could use it to give her back a rest. I wasn’t going with Jamie my mum and dad asked me to go with little Misty. Of course, I jump at any chance I get of going to Largs not just for getting great pictures of Pixie and Roxy with the amazing surroundings, but listening to the waves and breathing in the sea breeze. 


It was a very mild day but at least it was dry. I had wrapped myself up for a cold sea breeze but it was actually bearable. My coat came off halfway through the walk. Roxy and Misty took turns of being in the stroller and Pixie just got on with it. Misty has been having problems with her joints and my mum and dad need to be very careful with her.


The walk I would say was a 'little' stressful. Misty has problems with other dogs as does Roxy they bark when one is in site so you can imagine what it was like a lovely beach where everyone takes their dogs for a walk. If one barked then the other started and that then set Pixie off so between the three of them it was a complete nightmare. Pixie was ok she just barked when Misty and Roxy got agitated. I was actually really shocked with how she behaved with some of the dogs she actually let them come up to her, so I know she is not the problem it's Roxy. Whenever Roxy starts she does, but when Roxy doesn't see a dog and Pixie interacts first she is no problem. It was really nice to walk and not have the stress of her barking and trying to pull at another dog.


Apart from the walk being stressful with other dogs, it was really pleasant to get out for fresh air. I enjoyed capturing new pictures of Pixie and Roxy with the surroundings. Pixie had a shot of the stroller at the end I could tell she wanted in she kept standing on her back legs leaning up to it whenever we had stopped. She and Misty shared the space and Roxy walked the last stretch. It was a great walk and I captured every moment.


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