A New Year

Another year has gone and another year has started. We welcome 2017 with many changes. Unfortunately I had to work nightshift over New Year which meant I missed bringing in the New Year with my partner and girls. When I finished up on 2/01/17 in the morning I went straight to bed for a few hours sleep and got up feeling a little exhausted but we had arranged to go a nice walk somewhere. I find it refreshing going for a walk after nightshift, and with it being the New Year why not?

We didn’t want to go too far but Castle Semple sounded like the perfect place, not to far and lovely surroundings.  I got up at around 13:30 and we left at around 14:30. My body felt exhausted but it felt good to get out and breath in the cold fresh air. While I was out I thought long and hard about what 2017 was going to bring for us. A house maybe? (Getting out of this flat would be such a relief and to buy a house and finally call it home) . This is our number one priority. To have the girls have their own back garden and rome free without the worry of challenging another dog in the garden would be great and less stressful. Not only that but when we finally get a house and settled down I can think about marrying the love of my life, and starting a family. I know this isn’t going to all happen in 2017 but it starts with a house and these things will just fall into place within time. I felt the walk helped me think about what I really want this year and in life.

As for the girls where do I start? There is many changes for the girls, including being on the healthiest of foods and being on completely dry kibble (in over 1 year) I cannot believe they are enjoying a brand without any wet meat or water added. I feel we have finally found the brand for them (thanks to Jamie of course). The main thing for them this year is teeth cleaning, something I must admit have let slip for a long time. I only have myself to blame for this but the fact that the girls had a wet meat diet prior to starting this new brand does not help. Their teeth are a mess, but I will save my story for another blog. All I can tell you is that we have made a decision and starting fresh this year. Proper teeth cleaning is on the agenda. Not only this but I would like to take the girls out on more walks to different places ( I don’t drive so I may need to rub Jamies shoulder for this). He doesn’t know it yet but when he reads this he will find out.

I need to get the girls used to being around other dogs, this is going to be a challenge and I have no idea how I am going to tackle this but I feel that more walks is a start. I need to research some training tips to help us through this I know it is going to be tough. To have Roxy not bark and pounce on other dogs would be great, and during our walk just proved that we need to make changes. There was another dog walking off the lead and it came up to Roxy and she just pounced on it and wanted to nip it. It was like she was protecting us. This needs to stop and has been an ongoing problem for such a long time. It is embarrassing, she is not an aggressive dog at all if anything she is so playful she just wants to play with who ever she meets.

As for Pixie I would like to try and stop her barking and being distressed when men walk by her. Every time we go to the park and a man walks by her tail goes down and she starts to growl or bark, again I feel like she could be protecting me, but I find her a very nervous dog (more so since she had been attacked by another dog in the park). This is something I need to address this year. After her annual check up with the usual vet but a new veterinary physician (who just happened to be a man) made the decision for me that changes need to be made. I had a little bit of a hard time at the vet but he was amazing with Pixie.

Apart from these changes I find myself thinking about my youtube channel and website. It has really grown within the last few months and I only have you to thank for it. I have a more organised routine in place which I hope to stick to (it may be a challenge but I am willing to try). I have new lighting and brand new camera (as I call it the ultimate vlogging camera) it has pushed me to think more about vlogging and content for my channel. So look out for more exciting content, I always like to hear what you would like to see more of in our channel.

I try to upload as much as I can but with the way my shifts work out it can be difficult at times. It is hard being a Nurse and doing 12 hour shifts but I hope that you guys can stay with me and support my journey. I am thankful for all the support I have received so far, it is all down to you that I have made it this far. Here is to another year and I hope to reach my goals this year, it is going to be tough.

Thank you for all the support.

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