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Update On Roxy

So yesterday was a day with kitchen roll, flash wipes, disinfectant, and lets not forget the tooshie wipes! I decided to do a blog post for this update due to me not being well, I need to rest my voice. I slept in the living room with Pixie and Roxy last night, not because Roxy…

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Roxy Is Not Well Again

  Once again Roxy has the dreaded vomiting and the runny tummy. There will be a blog to update you guys on this, but she is doing ok and resting just now. Please look out for our vlog when it uploads and I will continue to give you updates through our social media sites.

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Our Last PawPost Box

We have decided to stop our PawPost subscription box. We have been trying a new box (Pet Nature) and want to give them a try. We have been with PawPost for over a year now and feel like it is time to move on. Not only that but we have been having some repeated items…

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