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Roxy’s Bath Time

Blow drying Roxy. I do not have a routine for this yet as we are trying it for the first time. We are getting a big order of brushes, combs, shampoos and conditioners in next week as well as a professional dryer/blaster. We will work on a routine to share with you. We are excited.

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Exciting News!

  We have some exciting news to share! Some of you may not find this exciting but to me it is. It has been a year and we have decided that after getting Pixie and Roxy cut short and the mugging of Roxy’s moustache that there will be no return

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Summer Fun

OFF TO A BAD START… The start of our summer holiday didn’t get off to a great start. Pixie and Roxy had been groomed in the previous 2 weeks, but there was a few adjustments that needed to made to both their faces. Pixies hair started to grow over her eyes and Roxy’s moustache was…

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